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Coros Pod 2 (Ny model med Effort pace og  Wattmåler)

Coros Pod 2 (Ny model med Effort pace og Wattmåler)

kr 998,00Price


A lightweight, water-resistant watch accessory that clips onto your shoe or waistband for next level
running data accuracy. With optimized sensor hardware and intuitive software algorithms, the POD
2 measures your run directly from your foot or body movements. It connects to your COROS watch
to provide real-time data, so you can always train or race with the right information.

• More accurate and sensitive instant pace
• Improved measurement on treadmills and indoor tracks
• Improved GPS route and data consistency in dense cities
• More accurate effort measurement from Effort Pace
• Advanced running metrics – Ambient Temperature, Ground Time, L/R Balance, Stride Height,
Stride Ratio
• 28 hours of continuous running or 50 days in standby mode
• The portable charging dock supplies up to 5 full charges
• Wearing location: foot/waist

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