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Pyramid: main theory and information

A solid is called a pyramid if it is bounded by a triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, etc. as the base surface and by triangles as the side surfaces, which have a point S in common. The point S is called the apex of the pyramid. The distance of the top of the pyramid from the base is called the height of the pyramid - do my homework for me . The base of the height is the base of the perpendicular from the apex into the base. The edges of the base surface are called base edges, the edges of the side surface are called side edges. Pyramids can be distinguished according to the number of their side faces.

A three-sided pyramid whose edges are all the same length is called a tetrahedron - . A pyramid with a square or rectangle as its base is called a square or rectangular pyramid. The top of a pyramid can have different layers if it is the same height.

If the base has a circumcircle and the base of the height is also the centre of the circumcircle of the base - , all side edges of the pyramid are the same length and the pyramid is straight. In this case, the side faces are isosceles triangles.

For pyramids you have to distinguish between the height h of the body and the heights hs of the side faces.

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